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 Cardinal Francesco Marco de Ferrari

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Renata Ferrari

Renata Ferrari

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PostSubject: Cardinal Francesco Marco de Ferrari   Cardinal Francesco Marco de Ferrari Minicl10Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:01 am

Full Name: Francesco Marco de Ferrari

Age: 25
Occupation: Cardinal
Allegiance: first to His Holy Father and secondly to the de’Medici family

Brief Biography:

Born in wealth and luxury of the most prominent family in the Fiorenza, Italy. Francesco is the youngest son of six children of well-respected and well-loved parents, Ambrogio Lorenzo de Ferrari and his beautiful wife, Vitória Beatriz of Portugal, the present Duke and Duchess of Ferrara.

Francesco’s father, the present Duke de Ferrari decided at his young son’s age it was time for him to go to seminary and thus began his journey wearing the robes of the Holy Church. So during his young life and his studies, he became well-respected from those who knew him. It was in the spring of 1491, Francesco took his holy vows and became the youngest cardinal at the age of 22 in Fiorenza’s history.

As Cardinal of Fiorenza, he remains very close to his youngest and only sister, Renata; of whom he calls his most beloved Angel. This is due to her angelic singing. It was in the year of 1493 that Francesco’s father sent his youngest daughter to Portugal to live with her grandparents King John II and his wife, Queen Eleanor of Viseu. The following year in 1494, the de Medici family went into exile in Rome and this was grave news for Francesco’s father. It was sometime during that fateful year, Francesco’s father became seriously ill.

Characteristics: Easy going, Caring, Patient, as well as passionate individual with a touch of outspokenness. Cardinal de Ferrari has similar traits to that of his younger sister, Renata.

Portrait of his Eminence Cardinal Francesco de Ferrari

Cardinal Francesco Marco de Ferrari Francesco2

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Cardinal Francesco Marco de Ferrari
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