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 Raffaele (Raphael) de Medici

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Renata Ferrari

Renata Ferrari

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PostSubject: Raffaele (Raphael) de Medici    Raffaele (Raphael) de Medici  Minicl10Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:06 am

Full Name: Raffaele (Raphael) de Medici

Age: 20 ( 22 April 1474)
Occupation: Captain of the Papal Army (condottiero mercenary soldier )

Allegiance: de Medici Family

Brief Biography

Born in wealth and luxury of the most prominent family in the Fiorenza, Italy. Raffaele is the third son of eight children of well-respected and well-loved parents, Lorenzo de’ Medici and Clarice Orsini.

As young boy, Raffaele began to learn how to wield a sword, archery as well as being an excellent horseman. It was something that his father had all his sons learn at an young age. Raffaele is handsome in appearance. He has short brown hair and a goatee with blue eyes. He is dressed in finery as one of noble birth.

Characteristics: well educated, even-tempered, free-hearted, kind and quite religious. Raffaele doesn’t; get along with his elder brother, Piero. Everyone in the family doesn’t like Cardinal Giovanni, who is being known as lazy and self-centered man. As for the younger brother Guiliano, he keeps his distance from family matters.

As years comes and go, Raffaele was old enough he joined the army; where he served for several years and rose through the ranks to the rank of Captain and then peace came around in 1492/1493. But it was in early to mid spring that Piero, the eldest of the four brothers made an arrangement between de Medici family and the de Ferrari family to have Raffaele and Renata married, neither Raffaele and Renata knew about it.

It wasn’t until 1494 that both children of de Medici family and de Ferrari family learned about the news that Raffaele and Renata will be joined in holy matrimony. The de Medici family sent for the de Ferrari family to their Palazza where both Raffaele and Renata will meet for the first time.

Portrait of Raffaele de Medici, Captain

Raffaele (Raphael) de Medici  RaphaelSmaller


Just wanted to thank Clarice for helping me out on her elder brother Raffaele's bio. *S*

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Raffaele (Raphael) de Medici
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