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 Giulia Farnese

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Giulia Farnese

Giulia Farnese

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Born to Pier Luigi Farnese, Signore di Montalto and Giovanna Caetani, whose family boasted of being related to Pope Boniface the VIII, Giulia was one of five very ambitious siblings. Her first two brothers became Lords in their own right, and her sister married into the Pucci family. It was no wonder that Giulia herself was also had great ambitions.

At early age of 15, Giulia was married to Orisno Orsini with a large dowry of 3000 gold florins. Orisno was the step son of Adriana de Milla who was the third cousin to the then, Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia. Poor Orisno is described as being a squint eyed young man who was devoid of any meaningful self confidence. This bored poor Giulia who held great self confidence and high self esteem. In no time at all, she grew bored with her husband and through the help of her new Stepmother in law, was soon an one of the only acknowledged Mistresses to Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia who within this time period became Pope Alexander VI. By 1493 both Giulia and Andriana were living inside a palace built next to the Vatican with Lucrezia Borgia, the Pope’s daughter.

Because of Giulia’s intimacy with the Pope she was able to get Alessandro her brother created a Cardinal which earned him the title of Cardinal of the Skirts, unfortunately.

In 1494, Giulia gave birth to a baby girl named Laura whom she claimed was Rodrigo’s child though there is some debate on this because of a relationship Giulia did maintain with her husband. However, Rodrigo did acknowledge Laura as his daughter and later in the year she left Rome to be at her brother Angelo’s deathbed. Giulia remained away from Rome at her husband’s insistence but, Orisno eventually gave way to the Pop’s pressure and Giulia soon set back to Rome.

During this time, Italy was under invasion from Charles the VIII and as a result, Giulia was captured by Captian Yves d’ Allegre who demanded 3,000 Scudi for her safe return to Rome of which the Pope, agreed

Bio taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giulia_Farnese
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Giulia Farnese
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