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 Cesare Borgia

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Cesare Borgia


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PostSubject: Cesare Borgia   Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:56 am

FULL NAME: Cesare Borgia.

AGE: 20 (approximately, see bio).

HEIGHT: 5’10”

WEIGHT: Approx. 160 pounds.

BODY TYPE: Regular build.



EYES: Greyish blue.

HAIR: Medium length, slightly wavy, dark brown.

CLOTHING STYLE: Will discard his cardinal's cassock at any given opportunity. He likes loose, free clothes, of understated luxury - unlike his brother Juan's profligate fashion sense.

SPEAKING STYLE: Tends to mumble irritatedly, speaks forcefully other times.

GENERAL DEMEANOR: Impatient, surly, sometimes cold.

CAREER: Cardinal.

PREJUDICES: Clergymen, his brothers, Giuliano della Rovere, impudent servants...

BEST QUALITIES: Loyal to his family, determined, a brilliant mind.

WORST QUALITIES: A relentless egotist, treacherous, cruel.

WEAKNESSES: Too easily angered.

HOBBIES: A passionate chess player.

TALENTS: Nothing, it would seem.


Don Cesare Borgia began an unlucky life; his mother, Vannozza dei Cattanei, gave birth to a second son a few short months after his own birth, and it would seem that the issue so confused the family that nobody really cared which of them was born first.

From the beginning, Cesare showed more promise than his brother, Juan. But some curious force was at work - his achievements were ignored, while Juan's were lauded. Juan was universally loved, the golden son, Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia's favourite. Cesare, for all his spark, was the black sheep. He was relegated to the place of second-born, and as such, was destined for a life in the church.

Nobody could have been so singularly unsuited to a churchman's profession.
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Cesare Borgia
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