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 Luisa Orsini

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Luisa Orsini

Luisa Orsini

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PostSubject: Luisa Orsini   Luisa Orsini Minicl10Sat Mar 05, 2011 4:40 pm

NAME: Luisa Margherita Orsini

AGE: 20

HEIGHT: 5'9"

WEIGHT: 112 lbs


FACE TYPE: Good bone structure, with a prominent chin and delicate nose.

COMPLEXION: Porcelain skin.

EYES: Brown eyes, very common and average.

HAIR: Long blonde hair, most of the times she uses intricate hairstyles.

CLOTHING STYLE: Dresses made with the best materials and according to the fashion.

SPEAKING STYLE: Seductive and melodic voice, sometimes sharp words, filled with poison for her enemies.

GENERAL DEMEANOR: Filled with good manners, always with a mysterious smile ready in order to elude everyone.

PREJUDICES: All Borgias’ enemies.

BEST QUALITIES: Loyal to her family until the end, intelligent and clever.

WORST QUALITIES: Has rage attacks when things don’t go the way she wants, throws and rips objects when this happen. All this in private of course. Likes revenge.

WEAKNESSES: The dedication she has to the Borgias.

HOBBIES: Dancing, playing cards, combing her hair.

TALENTS: A natural dancer.

BIOGRAPHY: A minor Borgia, Luisa Orsini exists to defend the interests of her family. Nothing else matters, even if her own life and reputation is at cost. She was married before, but her husband died very early causing rumors about his death. Some think she is a cursed woman because of her husband’s premature death, others think she had killed him herself. Luisa does everything to reach her personal goals, not giving up with ease. If someone hurts her, she hurts them back, with a brutal and cold revenge.
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Luisa Orsini
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