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 Bartolomeo Rossi

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Bartolomeo Rossi

Bartolomeo Rossi

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PostSubject: Bartolomeo Rossi   Bartolomeo Rossi Minicl10Sat Apr 09, 2011 3:22 pm

NAME: Bartolomeo Rossi

AGE: 27

HEIGHT: 6’11''

BODY TYPE: Tall, with longs legs, and slim.

FACE TYPE: Beautiful face. Oval.

COMPLEXION: A bit pale, although not the type of one that makes a person seem ill. On the contrary his light complexion has its charm.

EYES: Icy blue eyes.

HAIR: Black curly hair.

CLOTHING STYLE: Valet uniform with the colors of the House of Sforza.

SPEAKING STYLE: Very polite and servile. Sometimes speaks in a passionate way, when it comes to Cecilia.

GENERAL DEMEANOR: Serious and quiet. Only speaks when necessary.

CAREER: Cecilia Gallerani's valet and poisoner.

PREJUDICES: The Borgias and all the men that might be a threat to Cecilia.

BEST QUALITIES: Knows his place, and can keep secrets.

WORST QUALITIES: Can be driven by jealousy.

WEAKNESSES: Cecilia Gallerani, his lady. There is nothing he wouldn't do for her.

HOBBIES/TALENTS: Create new poisons and potions.

BIOGRAPHY: Bartolomeo Rossi is the bastard son of Ludovico Sforza's poisoner. His mother was a maid in the house of Sforza and since little he had been working at the palace as well. Sometimes his task was to clean his father's laboratory, including flasks and other materials. He found out a passion for poison making and he revealed himself to have talent on that field.

Currently he is Ceilia Gallenari's poisoner but most of all he works as a valet, using it as a disguise.
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Bartolomeo Rossi
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