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 Love in whom I hope and desire

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Renata Ferrari

Renata Ferrari

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Love in whom I hope and desire  Empty
PostSubject: Love in whom I hope and desire    Love in whom I hope and desire  Minicl10Mon Apr 11, 2011 3:13 am

Here is another lovely poem by Pier Della Vigne (1190-1249?)

Love in whom I hope and desire,
Has given me lovely you as my prize:

I wait for the sweet time and season,

When all my hopes may be realised:

Like a man at sea who hopes to move,

Spreading his sail, when he sees the breeze,

And in his hopes is ever undeceived:

I do the same, my Lady, to come to you.

Would I could come to you now, lover,

Like a secret thief and not be seen!

If Love would be so kind moreover,

It would bring such joyous luck to me.

I would speak to you so sweetly, Lady,

And say to you I have loved you long,

More sweetly than Pyramus his Thisbe.

I’ll love you while I live, is all my song.

Your love it is that holds me in desire,

Brings me hope, and brings me joy too.

I care not if I must grieve and suffer

Thinking of the hour when I come to you.

For, sweet breath, if I delay too long,

I seem to die, and you appear to lose me.

So take care lest I die in hopes of you,

Take care, lovely creature, if you love me.

My Lady, I still live in hopes of you,

And now I ask again for my heart,

Though the hour itself seems late, too,

For sweet love to lead me to your heart.

I wait for the moment that will suit

To spread my sail towards you, my rose,

And reach that harbour where my heart,

Beneath your sovereignty might repose.

Carry this plaint, my little song,

To her who has my heart in her power,

And before her lay all my wrongs,

And tell her how I die of love for her.

And let her send a message to say

How I can ease this love I bear:

And if there’s any wrong I’ve done her,

According to her worth I will repay.

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Love in whom I hope and desire
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