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 Alessandra Vestia de Sismondi

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Alessandra de Sismondi

Alessandra de Sismondi

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PostSubject: Alessandra Vestia de Sismondi   Alessandra Vestia de Sismondi Minicl10Mon Apr 11, 2011 6:19 am

Full name: Alessandra Vestia de Sismondi

Age: 18

Height: 5’3

Weight: 130

Body type: Thin, tall and lanky

Face type: Oval and thin

Complexion: light

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blondish brown, curly, unusually lose for the time period.

Clothing style: A bit vain, Alessandra adores rich fabrics, and fine clothing with matching accessories. Only the best for the Venetian Princess.

Speaking style: Alessandra’s voice is sweet and medium low. She has a gentle Italian accent deprived from her native Venice.

General Demeanor: Bold, out spoken, a bit of a rebel. Alessandra does not like to be told what to do, has a strong personality and defies authority which in turn, normally gets her into trouble. She is not one to sit and be quiet.

Career: The daughter of a prominent figure in one of Venice’s most highly regarded families. She is not married but does have a lover.

Prejudices: The Medici and the Borgias though neither knows this. Both families believe she is their friend. As Alessandra wants it to be.

Best Qualities: Strong, Beautiful, a will to win which can also be seen as a weakness and, can easily slip through the night without being seen.

Worst qualities: Ambitious, Rebellious, does not listen to authority.

Weakness: Alessandra is a Pagan pure and simple; this can also lead to many heated debates in a Christian world. It has also gotten her into trouble more than once. However, she does know how to keep her ideas to herself. She Believes that Italy is above all, the best place in the world to live, and tends to be very emotional when someone harms her family or her name. She will do anything to keep her Family in power. She also tends to drink a bit too much.

Hobbies: Art, poetry and gardening. Alessandra loves to be outdoors when she can be. She also loves parties and dances.

Talents: Once again, while her hobby is art, her talents also lay in art and Alessandra is an excellent sword’s woman, though she will not admit as much.

Little unknown fact: Alessandra is left hand, has a pet dog which is half wolf, and was named after the Roman Goddess Vestia. Her parents thought it would be funny to name a child after a Roman Pagan God.

Father: Toma` de Sismondi

Mother: Sarella de Sismondi

Alfonso de Sismondi: Twin brother, Bishop to the Pope (The twins hate each other and have since they were born.

Iseppa: Little sister, age 8 (Becoming more and more like Alessandra much to her brother’s dismay. She is no quiet little angel and a strong believer in her mother’s faith.

The Eldest daughter of a Jewish mother and Pagan father, Alessandra and her siblings were raised in a carefree world without the constant shove down your throat religious views that most children were raise in at the time. While her mother was rather religious she did not push her children to believe in her faith. Nor did their father push them to believe in his. As a result, Alessandra grew up believing in many things far beyond that of the teachings of the time. Her twin brother however, grew up strictly Catholic. Believing in the Catholic church above all things. How he grew up thus, neither his parents or sisters know. He also became a Bishop to Rodrigo Borgia. Much to his Parents dismay.

Alessandra herself was far from religious, preferring to believe in the Pagan Gods her father did, the arts, science, and anything that women of the time were told to not believe in. While at the same time respecting her mother’s religion.

While her parents tried everything they could to teach her to be a lady when she was little, it soon became clear that Alessandra was anything but a lady. She couldn’t learn French, she couldn’t sew in a straight line, and she didn’t play an instrument. But she could, dance well, sing, use a sword and ride, much to her father’s dismay, he realized he would have to teach her how to use a sword, ride and learn how to trade as his father had. She had a brain and wanted to learn. Unlike her friends.

During her teens, instead of marrying as her father wished, Alessandra became interested in matters of business, running the affairs of the estate, and gambling. Something women normally did not do. She did all anyway and did it all well. Getting into a bit of trouble gambling, Alessandra meant a friend of her mother’s family Durante della Grappa. Whose family owned a bank. Durante helped Alessandra, and the two became fast friends.

However, through this association, her family got wind of her gambling, and as a result, Toma` decided it was time to give his daughter something important to do. Rome had a new Pope of which his son was a Bishop under. It was important to send a member of the Sismondi family to meet the new Pope and become friends with him. Alessandra, being extremely beautiful, was qualified.
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Alessandra Vestia de Sismondi
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