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 15th century Turkish Men's Clothing

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15th century Turkish Men's Clothing Empty
PostSubject: 15th century Turkish Men's Clothing   15th century Turkish Men's Clothing Minicl10Mon Apr 11, 2011 6:19 pm

This will be a rather short post I'm afraid, since I'm still researching this subject...

As far as I can tell, mens clothing comprised of these elements:

  • Fitted trousers, usually silk or something more heavy duty for riding
  • A loose linen or cotton shirt
  • A silk tunic or long robe
  • A coat that fastened down the front
  • Some kind of headwear

So now onto some images that illustrate this...

15th century Turkish Men's Clothing Calend10

This is a young man wearing robe, trousers, coat and a cloak (as well as a funny turban)

15th century Turkish Men's Clothing Levni_10

This fellow wears a robe, an open sleeveless coat and a metal belt.

And that's all I have right now...but keep tuned for more.

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15th century Turkish Men's Clothing
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