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 Durante della Grappa

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Durante della Grappa

Durante della Grappa

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PostSubject: Durante della Grappa   Durante della Grappa Minicl10Tue Apr 12, 2011 9:45 am

FULL NAME: Durante di Bassano del Grappa (della Grappa is a more informal name)

AGE: 29.

HEIGHT: 5’11”.

WEIGHT: 170 lb.




EYES: Lagoon green.

HAIR: Dark brown.

CLOTHING STYLE: Rich, fur-lined brocades, well-tailored jackets. Has a weakness for fine fabrics and ornaments.

SPEAKING STYLE: He speaks quickly, and uses witticisms that most people don’t catch.

GENERAL DEMEANOR: Slightly sardonic, but lively.

CAREER: Banker, schemer, and part-time assassin.

PREJUDICES: The Medici Bank, and Florentines in general.

BEST QUALITIES: Suave, charming, elegant.

WORST QUALITIES: Foppish, vain, scheming.

WEAKNESSES: Money and pretty girls.

HOBBIES: Gambling.

TALENTS: Can tell a good lie.


The son of Giacobbe and Allegrezza di Bassano, Durante belongs to that infamous and rather universally disliked stratum of Italian Renaissance society: the Jewry. His family runs a moneylending business that started initially in their hometown of Bassano de la Grappa, but quickly extended to several branches, with the largest in Venice. They deal in business that Christians don’t like to involve themselves in, the business of usury, of lending money at interest, and they are very successful at it.

Up until a century ago, Christians were hesitant bankers – until the Medici of Florence opened their first branch. The Grappi see the danger in their ever-widening clientele, and have recently been forced to deal with small, trifling loans and petty cash.

Durante, and his brother, Sabato, will do anything to ensure the family business continues to thrive.
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Durante della Grappa
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