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 Afonso das Neves

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Afonso das Neves
Afonso das Neves

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NAME: Afonso Dinis Saraiva das Neves

AGE: 26


BODY TYPE: Good bone structure, strong and invigorated muscles due to his days spent at the sea.
FACE TYPE: Again a good bone structure, a beautiful face, as if it had been sculptured.


EYES: Hazel eyes.

HAIR: Dark brown hair. He uses it short.

CLOTHING STYLE: Simple, light and practical clothes when he is at home or at the sea. Uses rich and finest clothes made with the best materials when he has to.
SPEAKING STYLE: Sometimes uses the slang of the sailors when he is mad or enthusiastic otherwise his words are well measured and said in a polite tone.

GENERAL DEMEANOR: Friendly and easy going, although his guard is always up.

CAREER: Portuguese nobleman, former student of the nautical school of Sagres.

PREJUDICES: The Spanish.

BEST QUALITIES: Good speaker, has presence when he enters in a room, optimistic.

WORST QUALITIES: Sometimes he is lazy, and cocky.

WEAKNESSES: A good card game with money involved. He is a natural gambler.

HOBBIES: Tell stories about the sea and his adventures, drink, be with the ladies, play cards, dance.

TALENTS: Talented at the sailing art, he knows how to read the stars in the sky and has a deep knowledge on cartography, winds and tides.

BIOGRAPHY: Afonso is the second son of a Portuguese noble man. He was born and raised at Lisbon under the Catholic religion, although his family posses wide properties in Cascais. When he made 15 he was sent to the nautical school of Sagres in the Algarve. There he received a specially formation that allowed him not only to became a high class sailor but also a conqueror. Afonso had spent some years at the sea and some distant lands. Afonso’s uncle Jorge da Costa, his mother’s brother, is a cardinal from Rome. He found himself tangled on Cardinal Costa’s web during the procedures for the papal nomination at 1492 when Clarice de Medici’s hand was promised to him.
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Afonso das Neves
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